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Why PERFECTION is Overrated

If you've ever called yourself a perfectionist, this is for you.

Being a perfectionist sounds like a good thing on the outside. It's someone who strives to do things perfectly and has incredibly high standards for their work.

Have your high standards.

Keep a steadfast attention to detail.

But screw perfection.

Perfectionism is just the dressed up, fancy version of procrastination.

If you have goals in mind for your nutrition and fitness, they won't be achieved by having the "perfect" meal plan or the "perfect" gym routine.

They'll be achieved by showing up, putting in imperfect effort, and doing your best.

That's way less glamorous than having a fancy detox tea endorsed by some celebrity, but it's way more effective.

Here's how you make progress.

#1 Stop the nonsense.

Stop buying the magic supplements, fat burners, drinks, etc. Stop hopping on trendy diets. Stop searching for the perfect meal plan that you can follow to a tee.

Look, there's NO JUDGMENT if you've been trying everything under the sun to accomplish your goals. They're marketed so that it's almost impossible to NOT want to give them a go.

But ultimately, the more you dabble in these trendy diets and products, the more you postpone finding actual food peace and creating a healthy lifestyle that feels NATURAL to you (psssst... that IS possible!).

If a product or service is a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits/cures-all type program.... run far, far away.

#2 Look internally.

What do you want out of a healthy lifestyle? What are the feelings you associate with accomplishing your goals?

Spend some time really getting clear on that. What are the types of clothes you'd wear? What would you do on a day to day basis? What would your state of mind be?

This is something I recommend journaling out.

#3 Do those things.

It's simple. It isn't easy.

If you'd feel CONFIDENT when you accomplish your big-picture goals, what can you do TODAY to feel confident?

If you'd wear more in-style clothing when you accomplish your goals, can you start adjusting your wardrobe NOW to better match YOUR sense of style? (psst... the answer is YES)

If you envision yourself going on hour walks every morning listening to the birds chirp, can you go for a TEN minute walk today?


Stop trying to do it perfectly, staying stuck.

Do it imperfectly, and actually make progress toward your goals.

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