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Setting Up Routines that Serve You

We're about to enter the fall months - meaning a lot of people begin to settle into new routines that they may carry throughout the colder months. Are your routines serving you?

Intentionally setting up your routines helps ensure you're meeting your needs and are able to fit it into your lifestyle.

Here's our tips for setting up a routine that serves you.

Identify what areas need more structure.

Maybe your mornings are completely hectic and you're always running late, or picking your kids up after school is your most stressful time of day. Find the area that could use a little structure to focus on, first.

Then, define what purpose that time of day needs to serve.

A morning routine, for example, may serve to energize or center you before you begin your day, while a bedtime routine may be to help wind you down, help you reflect, or incorporate some stretching before bed.

Pick small actions that will help you carry out that purpose.

If you're looking to wind down, a HIIT workout will probably not be your best option.

Find a few small behaviors that will help you carry out that purpose. To start, it's best to keep your new routine to less than 30 minutes - something that feels easy to incorporate.

Commit to a certain number of days to complete this routine.

You don't need to complete your routine every day for it to do its job. Be realistic - how often can you see yourself accomplishing this goal? 3-5 days a week is a great start!


Want a little more structure and accountability in this process? We're about to begin a community challenge to help you develop a morning routine and STICK to it!

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