Our Story

Balanced Meal Prep began when David and Tori Mincemeyer, husband and wife duo, noticed a need: people want to eat healthy food, but struggle to find the time. Understandably, most would rather spend time with their families and friends on a Sunday than meal prep for the week.


Tori, a registered dietitian, and David, owner of Old Orchard Fitness in Jackson, decided to help out some of their friends by cooking for them. Both entrepreneurs at heart, they decided to expand this side gig into a business to serve the entire community.

Our Meals

We believe in meals that are not only healthy, but delicious. Here are our priorities when crafting each menu item (in no particular order).


Not to sound too cliche, but you only get to live one life. Food is one of the many ways we can find enjoyment in life. We aim to make it as delicious as possible for you.


Of course, health is incredibly important to the composition of our meals. The nutrition reasoning behind our meals is scientifically-based, and each meal is crafted by a registered dietitian. You won't see us latching onto cutesy trends-- we aim to fuel you so you can live the best life possible.


A meal that is not satisfying is simply not a meal that's worth paying for. The meals we provide are tasty, filling, and well-rounded so that you are not left wanting.