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Our Story

Balanced Meal Prep began when David and Tori Mincemeyer, husband and wife duo, noticed a need.

People want to eat healthy food, but struggle to find the time.


Understandably, most would rather spend time with their families and friends on a Sunday than meal prep for the week.

Tori, a registered dietitian, and David, owner of Old Orchard Fitness in Jackson, decided to help out some of their friends by cooking for them. In 2019, they decided to expand this side gig into a business that has been serving the community ever since.

Our Meals

Individual Entrees

Our individual entrees are perfect for adding variety to your typical eating routine. Take them to work for lunch or enjoy them for an easy dinner after hitting the gym. We offer individual entrees in two sizes to suit your needs.

Family Meals

Family meals are served in an aluminum tray that's ready to throw in the oven and bake, with zero prep time for you. They serve four heavy portions or six light portions.

Breakfast & Snacks

In addition to our entrees and family meals, we offer a variety of breakfast and snack options each week so you are fully-stocked with all the grab-n-go items you could hope for.

[Balanced Meal Prep] helps me keep my lunches on the healthier side during the week when I'm super busy! I recommend the services to my busy friends regularly!

- Angie

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Entree Sizes

Our individual entrees come in two sizes to suit your needs.
Full Plate
Average calorie range: 550-650 calories/meal

Our Full Plate size is perfect for most individuals who want healthy living to be a little more convenient and tasty! We also suggest the Full Plate to active individuals and athletes.

They provide plenty of protein and carbohydrates to give you energy, maintain and build muscle, and keep you full until your next meal. 

Small Plate
Average calorie range: 350-460 calories/meal

The Small Plate is suitable for individuals who are looking for lighter options, or snack consistently throughout the day.

These options still provide plenty of protein to keep you full, with slightly less carbohydrates to help keep calories low. 

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