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Healthy food should taste delicious.

You shouldn't have to sacrifice flavor and enjoyment of food in the name of health.

In our mind, flavor is another essential nutrient, and it's an important component in every meal we've served.

Now, you can get the cookbook that's more than a cookbook - this book includes recipes from our customers' favorite meals over the years, plus it includes a guide to teach you HOW to include meal prep into your life.

Pre-order NOW for $27.99
Expected release date: October 20, 2023
*We will contact you when the book is ready.

Meal prep shouldn't take you five hours on a Sunday (unless you want it to).

For you and your family, practical meal prep might mean simply prepping ingredients ahead of time, so that those 30-minute weeknight dinners actually only take 15 minutes, or it might mean re-purposing ingredients in a completely different meal.

This book gives you insights into different types of meal prep and how to incorporate them in a practical way.


About Tori

Owner, Registered Dietitian, Yoga Instructor

"Food is physical nourishment, but it's also connection, love, culture, comfort, and pleasure. My mission is to continually expand my impact on the world around me by sharing the love of food, the power of nourishment, and the joy that can be found in an intentional meal."

- Tori

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