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Three Essentials for Your Morning Routine

There's a big buzz around morning routines - for good reason. But worry not, a morning routine doesn't have to be as complicated as a lot of Instagram Influencers make it seem.

Here are our three essentials we recommend incorporating into your morning routine.

#1 - A gratitude practice.

No, listing three things you're grateful isn't overrated.

It might not seem incredibly impactful in the moment, but taking 5 minutes in the mornings to appreciate what you have, over time, is one of the most potent behaviors you can adapt.

You can physically write down three things, meditate on one or two with a cup of coffee, or consider them as you drive to work. What matters is that you're practicing it!

#2 - 10 minutes of movement

Moving the body for a short period of time can make a world of difference in preparing you for the day.

For one thing, it's just another way to spend time with yourself - something many of us do not get enough time for! Second, getting your blood flowing in the morning can help for mental clarity, preventing stiffness, and reducing anxiety.

So spend ten minutes each morning on your yoga mat, walking the dog around the yard, or doing a few squats or jumping jacks. No one ever regrets it!

#3 - A full breakfast

I get it - you're thinking, "I'm supposed to spend time feeling grateful, adding ten minutes of movement, and NOW I have to find time to cook myself breakfast? There's no way!"

Relax! A full, balanced breakfast doesn't have to take tons of time or energy to make, and it's going to set you up for the day much more effectively than grabbing a granola bar on the way out the door. Here's a few ideas:

- scrambled eggs and toast with an apple

- frozen whole wheat waffle with peanut butter and a banana

- oatmeal with almonds and strawberries

And of course, a big glass of water with each!

No time whatsoever? We've got your back. Check out our breakfast options at Balanced Meal Prep and keep your mornings more simple.




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