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3 Nutrition Myths to Stop Believing

The internet is rampant with misinformation and myths about nutrition. Here are a few that we have GOT to stop believing.

Living in the age of information, typing in "how to eat healthy" on Google is about overwhelming enough to want to crawl under a rock.

To help put your mind at ease, here are at least a few myths that you can confidently throw out the window!

Eating at night is bad for you/makes you gain weight.

Your metabolism does not magically STOP working after 7 PM.

Eating at night has gotten a bad reputation because many of the foods eaten at night are not nutritionally dense (ex. chips, ice cream, etc.), and they're often eaten in larger quantities.

This happens at night, typically because that's the time us humans spend winding down from the day. We might be experiencing decision anxiety and making choices with less intention.

It's okay, you're human! To prevent overeating in the evenings, make sure you're eating plenty throughout the day, or try reducing TV time.

__________ is bad for you.

Fill in that blank with ANY food you've heard is bad for you, and that statement becomes false.

Nutrition is NOT so black and white that you can make a blanket statement about a food and call it "bad".

Not only that, foods don't have moral value. Words like "sinful", "guilt-free", "junk", or "clean" are all words that imply there's a moral attachment to the food at hand, which is an archaic and unhelpful way of viewing what's on your plate.

Snacking leads to weight gain.

Ironically, abiding by a rule like this may be what leads you to overeat at meal times.

When we ignore hunger between meals, we're more likely to be overly hungry when it gets to meal time. When we are overly hungry, we are much more likely to overeat and become uncomfortably full.

Strategic snacking can be a great way to keep hunger levels manageable. By snacking on sources of protein and fiber, we can be more satisfied and stay fuller, longer. Cheese and veggies, yogurt and fruit, or jerky and crackers are a few examples!


It is TOUGH to wade through the ocean of nutrition information. Thankfully it's possible to get reconnected with your body and look inside for those answers! Click here to learn more about nutrition coaching and see if you're a qualified candidate.


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