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Ordering & Pickup for Perryville

The menu is available from Mondays at noon to Wednesdays at noon each week.

To have your meals delivered to Perryville, please follow these steps:


1. Select what meals you wish to order and proceed to checkout.

2. At checkout, click on "Add a Note". Type in Perryville Pickup. This must be done EACH WEEK to have your meals delivered to CrossFit Perryville.

3. You will receive an email notification or text when your meals are available for pickup (they will be delivered by the next Monday morning by 6AM each week). You can find your meals in the silver refrigerator in the back room at CrossFit Perryville and you can pick up during normal gym hours:


5-9 AM or 5-8 PM


5-9 AM or 5-7 PM


8-10 AM

If your meals are not picked up by Saturday 10 AM, they will be discarded.

Balanced Meal Prep partners with CrossFit Perryville to be able to provide this pickup location; please be respectful of any members working out when you pick up your meals and provide them plenty of space. If you have ANY questions about the meals, please contact Balanced Meal Prep directly at 573-517-8556.

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